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다양한 형태의 창작 활동을 하고 있는 예술가 겸 기획자다. 

예술로 누군가의 삶에서 ‘영화적인 순간’을 발생시키는 것에 관심이 있다.

Jungsuh Sue Lim is

a Seoul-based  multidisciplinary artist/producer, interested in generating a 'cinematic moment' in someone's life through arts.


Understanding Risk, Climate Data Kathmandu Field Lab 24'

Artist in UR Field Lab

At about a month long unconference program, UR KTM Climate Data Lab,

the artist collaborated with local and gathered participants from different fields.

Memories Exhibition at Patan Museum, Kathmandu (5th June to 7th June)

Climate Canvas Final Presentation at Bikalpa 7th June

In Times of Hardship, I Will Be With You

Moving images, HD, color, 12 mins 45sec, 2024

The city, with its layered histories of earthquakes, remains vibrant and lively.

The artist contemplates the resilience of its inhabitants, their unfading hope, and their strength. By blending religious myths with reality, the artist narrates the tale of these people and their land.

This Is How I Recall

Audio interviews and earthquake maps on a web page, 2024

*Warning: this work contains stories of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

The artist interviewed five individuals who experienced the 2015 earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal and its surrounding areas. These interviewees shared their memories and experiences of the event. To provide geographical context, the artist partnered with Saifullah Sayeed, an earth science enthusiast to create two maps: one depicting the earthquake's epicenters, scaled according to magnitude and including regional names, and a second map showing the intensity of the magnitude.

प्रतिपक्षीय नक्सांकन" HKH  (Counter Mapping HKH)

2024, Screenprint, 20 x 30 inches, Nepali traditional lokta paper


The artist tried to disentangle the complexity of mapping, after finding out the trans boundaries and geo-political sensitivities around the Hindu Kush Himalaya area. The artist collaborated with spatial data scientist, environment researchers, earth science enthusiast, and geographers to seek possibilities for counter-mapping. The team focuses on natural boundaries like glaciers, ecoregions, airways, and water bodies, and thoughts on the extreme weather we face today in 2024.

레지던시 오픈 스튜디오 Residency Open Studio | Installation Performance


<Acá y allá, Juntos> 

Dates: Dec 13th (Wed) - Dec 20th (Wed) 2023
Location: Proyecto ACE, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Opening: Dec 13th, 7PM - 10PM (Invitations Only)

<Acá y allá, Juntos> is a multi-sensory installation performance that immerses the audiences into the artist’s re-interpreted ceremony for the beloved souls. Combining elements of Korean, Mexican, and Northern Argentinian offering tradition, <Acá y allá, Juntos> suggests to consider the emotional attitude those who left behind can carry.


The artist invites the audience to take part in the performance, by “Eum-bok; drink blessing” (음복, 飮福) together after the offering ceremony. Sue introduces sculpted animal-shaped empanadas with flavors of ‘mixed feelings (sentimientos mixtos)’; fillings.

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